Final Touches on Photoshoot Wardrobe

Final Touches on Photoshoot Wardrobe

I have the wardrobe for a photoshoot. Finalizing the looks together with accessories and shoes.

Here are the links to images of the concept with the outfit I picked out for each: r/[](

I have the metallic pumps shown. If you go to my IG @MichyMiami you can see a some of the other shoes I ownt.

Give me your suggestions for accessorizing and ideal shoes in your opinion for each. As you see the footwear isn’t on some of the concept images but incase the photographer decides to get a full shot… I’d like to have the ideal shoes.

To make it easy I’ll describe each look below so we can understand each others answers:

-Gold dress

-White dress (I have the bangles shown, which may be used for others as well. Not sure which ones I’ll use for this) (I also have the pearls but don’t know if to wear it) (Purchased the headband shown but haven’t received it to see how it looks and I have a regular light pink headband)

-Stripe black mesh bodycon dress. (The other two outfits I was considering because if you look at the concept bottom images shorts are idea. The one in the middle is a romper and the last would be with shorts but I haven’t ordered either of those).

-Silver/Pink 2 tone changing dress.

Nails I’m thinking white, clear, pink, french, red, silver, etc.

The rest are the minnie sequin ears concept. (Still looking for the ring) and the Boxing image (I own rose-gold gloves for that. (I haven’t gotten the white tank yet… if you have suggestion include it).

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