NFL: national fashion league (inspo albums)

NFL: national fashion league (inspo albums)

All the amazing recent inspiration albums really gave me the push to put out an idea I’ve been mulling around for awhile!

The broad concept: each NFL team is now their own aesthetic (under my imaginary brand NF Elle), what would they bring to the table (ala hogwarts houses)

The finer details: I wanted to stick within the color palette of the team to really make for a strong, obvious connection. However, since these teams are their own individual aesthetics I utilized the mascot theme and region to focus the attitude and overall feel to the clothes. I wanted it to really feel fashionable yet not out of place to see a woman walking down the street in her town wearing any of it. I also tried to take climate and other unique aspects of those cities and represent them in the albums.

It is 1am so that may make no sense…hopefully the album clarifies any confusion (:

On to it:

[NF Elle: Indianapolis Colts]( while I do not live in Indy, this is my ride or die team. Their mascot is a horse and is located right in America’s heartland. You may think it’s just corn in the Midwest (okay there is a lot of it tbh), Indianapolis is a burgeoning mini metropolis and has been building a very cool little sister vibe off of Chicago. Team colors are blue and white

[NF Elle: Seahawks]( I live in the PNW so it is kinda cheating. We’re laid back and comfort focused with very little sacrifice to fashion (some say we made birks fashionable again… 😉). Seattle is quietly becoming its own fashion Center where you find many new trends being set right along with classic staples and nothing ever truly looks too out of place. Mascot is a seahawk, and colors are navy green and white.

[NF Elle: Patriots]( whereas the Midwest and West Coast are known for its laid back attitudes, the upper east coast is known for sophistication. This Boston based team is as polished with their (ugh don’t make me say how many) super bowl wins and their nearly spotless regular season records. Also their QB is as much as a fashion model as he is a football player 😒. Also, it’s hard not to make red white and blue into the cliche cheese trope. Tried to keep the sophistication and coolness level up to par. Mascot is an amalgamation of our founding fathers and colors are R W and B.

[NF Elle: Browns]( if you’re up on your football you may be asking “the Browns?? With that color palette” and I know. Orange and brown don’t sound fashionable, but just as the team doesn’t seem great either (lol sorry Ohio…it is kinda true tho) once you give it a chance you may be pleasantly surprised (okay I mean the album. Maybe it’ll be the Browns year this year? Lol). Much like Indy, parts of Ohio are starting to trend a little more cool. The humid summer weather makes boho much more desirable and freezing cold winters yearn for wool staples. Their mascot is a dog, and much like dogs this fashion album is warm and inviting.

[NF Elle: Steelers]( much like the throwback bumblebee jersey they wear once a year, this album is about to be all black and yellow. Pittsburgh is a true mash up of fashion—it’s a historical city with industrial roots, a large college population, and a blend of urban and suburban all at once. The team is named after the steel industry which helped put Pittsburg on the map. My friends went to school out there and barring some massive culture change in the last 2 Years, Pittsburgh often sees blending of trends and people can have one fashion aesthetic on Monday but Wednesday they be the polar opposite. The team takes wild risks just as their city takes them in fashion. Colors are black and yellow.

I hope you enjoy! And I’m happy to do more if anyone’s interested, especially if you have a specific team in mind.

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Comments ( 5 )
  1. penguinhugs
    July 12, 2018 at 11:47 am

    Man I can’t even go into FFA now without seeing “lul Browns.” No place is truly safe 🙁

    I was surprised I enjoyed this album as much as I did, thanks! You did a good job OP!

  2. namaslay_383
    July 12, 2018 at 11:53 am

    I love it, especially the album for “my” Colts! Great job with these – super fun!

  3. anythingnice2017
    July 12, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    This is hilarious, and I’d love to see the Bills!

  4. acogs53
    July 12, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    The Browns’ board is so good! Can you do one for the Falcons? I’m not ride-or-die with the Falcons (that would also be the Colts for me), but I live in ATL and the rest of my family are Falcons fans.

  5. CetusLapidis
    July 12, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    This is great, would love to see the 49ers!

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